Healthcare Cleaning Managers and Supervisors Conference 2019

Exciting one day national conferences bringing the latest in evidence based cleaning practices and hands on training for Leading Hands to keep your facility hygienically clean

Certify your Leading Hands and Supervisors in the Interclean Best Practice Cleaning Systems for FREE

Why should you attend?

• Learn about the latest research on evidenced based cleaning

• View cleaning analytics from sites using the myClean system

• Network with other Managers facing similar challenges

• Bring your Leading Hands and Supervisors for FREE and have them certified to train your staff

What will you learn?

As part of the conference sessions, we are excited to bring you the results of our latest research into evidence-based cleaning practices. These one day events will empower Healthcare Cleaning Managers and Supervisors to analysis and simplify the running of cleaning operations. Learn about the power of validating the cleaning process to reduce healthcare acquired infections and keeping facilities consistently on top of the new Australian Standards in Healthcare.
As part of the day, we invite Managers to bring their Leading Hands and / or Supervisors to a FREE hands on training session to certify them in the Interclean best practice cleaning systems. Invest into your team and ensure they have the expert knowledge needed to keep your facility hygienically clean.

Who Should Attend?

Dates & Cities

  • Infection Prevention and Control Professionals
  • Hospital & Aged Care Managers
  • Environmental Services Managers
  • Cleaning Supervisors
  • Hotel Services Managers
  • Healthcare Cleaning Contractors
  • Leading Hands
 Download your Conference Brochure 

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Our roadshow is visiting 8 cities around Australia.

Week 1

  • Canberra Monday 13th May
  • Sydney Tuesday 14th May
  • Newcastle Wednesday 15th May
  • Brisbane Thursday 16th May

Week 2

  • Perth Monday 20th May
  • Adelaide Tuesday 21st May
  • Melbourne Wednesday 22nd May
  • Hobart Thursday 23rd May


I'll be sharing what I've been working on in the lab with top scientists as we research into finding out scientifically what the best methods are for cleaning.

Bill Bassett The Interclean Group

Bill Bassett Pic
I'm excited to demonstrate to your staff how best cleaning techniques can improve their daily tasks and standard of cleaning.

Hilton Field Interclean Managed Services

Hilton Pic
Dynamic scheduling is changing the efficiency of our staff and leaving them with high job satisfaction as they feel in control of their daily schedules. I'll show you just how easy it is to set up in any size facility. 

Sophie Bassett 1nsight Pty Ltd

Sophie Pic

Key Session Highlights

Healthcare Cleaning Manager and Supervisor Sessions.
Join us as we reveal how some of Australia’s best cleaning managers run cleaning across their organisations. This conference will help you understand the keys to a dynamic cleaning schedule as well as teach your supervisors what they can do to maximise efficiency and quality from their teams. 
Leading Hand and Supervisor Training
Get certified in training your staff on the Interclean Best Practice cleaning systems.  The afternoon training for Leading hands and Supervisors will give participants the tools and steps you can take NOW to reduce healthcare acquired infections in your facility.  Learn how to teach your staff on:
• Touchpoint awareness
• Cleaning task sequence
• Setting up their trolley
• Moisture management
• Correct wiping procedures
• Correct mopping procedures
• Cleaning their trolley